Neuemoon Health

UX Research

Neuemoon Health, a tech-driven startup, is passionately dedicated to revolutionizing women's healthcare, with a particular focus on addressing critical gynecological conditions—endometriosis and fibroids. Committed to empowering women through knowledge and support, Neuemoon Health encourages vital conversations with healthcare providers, aiming to guide women on a healthier and more informed journey. The core mission revolves around innovatively addressing the distinctive healthcare needs of every woman.

Role — UX Researcher (Patient) | Data Analyst

Methods — User Interviews, Thematic Analysis, Persona Matching

Timeline — 2023  |  3 months


Closing the Gap

Women managing endometriosis and fibroids face a multitude of challenges, from misdiagnoses to a lack of tailored support. This highlights a critical gap in existing digital health solutions, characterized by an insufficient understanding of these nuanced experiences. Neuemoon Health recognized that this knowledge deficit impedes the delivery of effective, personalized support, hindering user empowerment and the overall healthcare journey.


  • UX Research Report — The How & Why
  • Interview Quotes — Highlighting Value  
  • Actionable Insights — What do people actually need?
  • Recommendations — Project Roadmap


Open Conversations, Open Doors

Starting from small beginnings, the project grew into something much bigger. We wanted to find out how women think about their gynecological health – who they talk to, what information they look for, and how they go about it. We kept our interviews open-ended on purpose, leveraging a variety of channels, including social media platforms, online forums, and targeted outreach, to source participants eager to help. This approach helped us figure out more about the market and where Neuemoon Health could improve their product to meet previously unknown needs.

Central to this exploration was the art of building trust and genuine connections. From the project's start, our focus was on developing meaningful relationships with participants, understanding the personal nature of their experiences. We approached conversations with empathy, creating a secure space for open sharing that allowed connections to grow into authentic exchanges throughout the research project. Our goal was to cultivate an environment where participants not only felt heard but genuinely valued. Discussions about trust went beyond the surface, delving into anonymization processes and ensuring transparency in safeguarding identities. This commitment laid the foundation for authentic insights, revealing subtleties that made user perspectives profoundly meaningful.


It's about empowering yourself to take charge of your health because no one else will…”

This sentiment echoed throughout our interviews, where participants emphasized the importance of personalized support and access to accurate information. Frustration with existing healthcare systems was palpable, underscoring the need for platforms like Neuemoon Health. Participants articulated a desire for proactive engagement in their healthcare journeys, keenly seeking insights on managing their symptoms. This highlighted the significance of innovative solutions tailored to address the distinctive needs of every woman.

Charting a Course Forward

As a team, we chatted with 30 people in just six weeks. After all those talks, we dug into the nitty-gritty details and brainstormed three times to figure out our next steps. Taking on this research project was a bit of a challenge for our small team, but it was absolutely worth it. Our discoveries played a big part in helping Neuemoon Health decide what to do next for their digital solution. Although we didn't physically build it, we shared some really important ideas. We turned our insights into actionable recommendations, guiding their plan and making sure they made their digital products even better. This was significant because it addressed the research problem and set the stage for a digital health solution that truly understands the experiences of women managing endometriosis and fibroids.