Print Self-Publishing

UX Research, UI/UX Design, Interaction Design

Meet Print, a self-publishing platform that transforms the writing experience. Print empowers authors to effortlessly create and publish their work, ensuring a seamless journey from concept to publication. With a user-centric approach, Print offers an array of features designed to enhance the authoring process, coupled with built-in tools to prevent errors and ensure flawless content presentation.

Methods — Competitor Analysis, Card Sorting, Persona Creation

Tools — Figma, Adobe Illustrator

Timeline —  2021  |  4 weeks

Print Self-Publishing

Roles — UX Research, UI/UX Design, Interaction Design
Timeline — 4 weeks
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Approach — Design Thinking

Guided by Design Thinking, my methodology danced through the intricacies of storytelling. Each step in the iterative process unfolded based on invaluable feedback, ensuring a human-centric solution that echoes the voices of writers and fosters a connection with their creative endeavors.


Understanding The Writers' WorldEmpathy First

My exploration delved deep into the writers' experiences, employing interviews, surveys, and heartfelt conversations. The goal was to unravel challenges and aspirations, creating a tool that enhances the entire writing journey.

User Interviews — Creating for Real People

Qualitative interviews uncovered shortcomings in competitor platforms, emphasizing the need for intuitive guidance. Print's vision emerged, introducing features like a streamlined process and actionable analytics.



An in-depth analysis underscored the necessity of features like a streamlined process, comprehensive resources, and actionable analytics.

Streamlined Process

Guide authors through an intuitive interface

Comprehensive Resources

Support authors with guides, tutorials, & resources

Actionable Analytics

Empower authors with insights for informed book tracking

Navigating with Purpose Task Flow & Heuristics

Print ensures seamless engagement through a carefully designed task flow. Streamlined design, user-friendly navigation, and strategic prompts guide authors intuitively. The adaptation reduces cognitive load, promoting clarity and focus.

User Personas — Designing for Delight

Crafting personas that intricately capture distinct needs, the design process prioritized functionality over aesthetics. These personas aligned product features with user preferences, ensuring the final design met specific requirements.


Breathing Life into Ideas

A diverse array of design ideas emerged to address Print's objectives. Real-time previews, an intelligent error detection system, performance metrics dashboards, and curated writing guides materialized through sketches and wireframes.

The Interface

Inter's simplistic letterforms and minimal style create an inviting and engaging user experience. Vibrant hues serve as a visual guide, highlighting specific system functions.


Sophisticated Simplicity

Print's prototype exudes sophistication through its minimalist design. The sticky navigation bar guides authors effortlessly between system pages. Contextual help provides instant, focused guidance, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Secure Login

Clear instructions allow users to know exactly what they need to do at each step. Nudging alternative login methods helps users recover in case of failure. Providing clear feedback, actionable guidance, and preventative measures allows users to confidently navigate through the system.

Publication Manager

The Publication Manager consolidates essential information, allowing authors to monitor the status of all publications effortlessly. Efficient categorization by genre ensures organized management and easy discovery.

Cover Editor

Authors can choose to create their own design or use pre-made templates. Users receive a real-time preview of their cover, making it easy to get started.

Layout Editor

Authors can enjoy uninterrupted writing with the autosave feature. Whether users prefer to write directly within the interface or upload a document, this nifty tool ensures their work is safe.


“Good design is accessible design. It is about creating products and experiences that are intuitive, easy to use, and inclusive for everyone.”
Don Norman

In crafting Print's minimalist design, I learned the delicate art of balancing simplicity and usability. Recognizing the risks of oversimplification, where clarity might slip into confusion, I carefully refined the navigation bar. This ensures a straightforward experience, making Print an inclusive platform, attuned to every author's journey and needs.‍